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Startup Law

Startup Law is a system that has emerged for the purpose of enabling entrepreneurs to operate in accordance with the law, has close relations with many legal regulations that shape commercial life, and regulates the relations between the entrepreneur and the investor, and both the entrepreneur and investor parties and the legal order. ​ ​


We provide consultancy services to startup companies from the moment they start their activities. We provide legal services to our clients regarding all investment processes and their management, with our lawyers who have a very serious experience in working with both founding partners and investors. ​ ​


In this context, we provide consultancy on the establishment of a healthy corporate structure during the establishment and investment phases, providing financing to the board of directors, investors and senior managers, and preparation for the initial public offering, depending on the situation, and we carry out the preparation of all these processes and transactions with them.

Department Manager

Kaan Kaplan


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