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Competition Law

Our Competition Department provides legal consultancy services on nationally and internationally areas to our local and foreign clients in the matter of regulations that ensure the balanced and regular implementation of the competition system in the free market economy, and controls and prohibits behavior that may hinder, distort and restrict competition between economic units.

Our clients receive legal advice from our office on competition systems, global antitrust policies as well as litigation and regulatory strategies.

With our team of lawyers specialized in antitrust and competition law, our partner offices and consultants; represents its clients before the competition institution, courts and other authorities, in this context, it provides legal consultancy services within the scope of the following issues in order to prevent sector regulations and market distorting actions within the scope of permit processes and notifications, exemption applications and negative clearance applications.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Abuse of Dominant Status, Negative Determination and Exemption Applications

  • Competition Compliance and Competition Reviews

  • Competition Rules and Regulations

  • Representation in Competition Review, Investigation and Lawsuits

Department Manager

Kaan Kaplan


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