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With the increasing audit obligations in the market, the obligation to perform business and transactions in compliance with the legal regulations, and the increasing competition among companies; There are many laws, regulations, communiqués and standards that holdings, joint stock and limited companies, national and international legal entities, including private hospitals operating within the scope of group affiliates, must implement in order to comply with the standards specific to the sectors in which they operate. There are many legal regulations that should be included in the investments that these organizations will make while carrying out their commercial activities, the agreements they will make and the contracts they will draw up. The aforementioned legal regulations can change frequently, so today's conditions can change accordingly. Within the scope of corporate governance, all legal entities are required to be aware of the changes in legal regulations and to adapt to current legislation and requirements in this direction.

As Neka Legal Attorneys at Law , we provide direct comprehensive legal support, consultancy and training services to our clients operating in the technology, energy, investment, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, food, construction and service sectors, in many areas of law that require expertise, in the process of following the regulations and complying with the legislation. In this direction, we assist our clients in identifying deficiencies, offering solutions for improvement, providing training on compliance, auditing and reporting legal requirements that require compliance, in order to prevent legal problems they may encounter in the process of compliance with regulations. 

Responsible Lawyer

Av. Kaan Kaplan


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