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Labor Law

Legislative changes in work and social security practices and the case-laws that are essential to closely follow now almost oblige our clients to check the compliance of their internal regulations with them and to provide regular support and opinion to their relevant units. For this reason, our Labor Law attorneys provide regular legal consultancy and advocacy support to our client companies by providing services like a domestic legal advisor.

While constantly renewed business and social security regulations bring important opportunities to our clients, they also create a risky environment that requires constant monitoring and observation. The principle of protection in favor of the employee in the employer-employee relations of Turkish Labor Law is also a field of law that should be given importance by the employer and requires special expertise.

Our team, which provides consultancy and attorney services in our Labor Law department, focuses all its energies on this field and produces solutions for our clients to comply with the law, to evaluate and manage their risks correctly, in the main issues concerning the business and social security world.

Department Manager

Neslihan Ortakcı Kaplan


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