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Internet Law

Neka Legal Attorneys at Law provides legal services as follows with Expert Internet Lawyers in Turkey: Especially in the field of internet law; Questions of law to be arisen in electronic commerce, Drawing up contracts in internet environment, Drawing up contracts distance purchase and sale contracts, Drawing up digital subscription contracts, Providing protection of personal data, E-mails for advertising counted as spam and other junk e-mails, Deny access administrative decisions given for websites, Obtainin, transferring and renewing of domain names in Turkey, Protection of Intellectual Property Law and Web Site Content and Designs, Attack on personal rights in internet environment, Legal and Criminal Liabilities in Internet Publications, Unfair Competition Situations Arising from Transferring of Domain Names and Domain, Providing legal consulting services for protection of computer software in Istanbul, system and programs, internet networks, Commencing the judicial process about breach of intellectual property right relating to electronic commerce, Google and similar search engines and web site contents.

Department Manager

Kaan Kaplan


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