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Administrative Law

Neka Legal Attorneys at Law provides services to its clients in the prevention and elimination of all kinds of disputes arising from Administrative Law and Tax Law.

Our team of lawyers specialized in Administrative Law provides services to our clients in the processes of initiating and following the legal applications to administrative authorities regarding the cancellation of unlawful administrative acts, conducting nullity suits, representing the clients in the judicial proceedings and completing the negotiation periods with administrative authorities related to the implementation of the decisions as a result of court decisions. Along with the processes of eliminating the unlawfulness against the actions and procedures of the administration, the execution of full remedy actions within the framework of claims for compensations of our clients is among our expertise within the scope of Administrative Law.

Within the scope of expropriation processes arising from important public projects; we as Neka Legal Attorneys at Law provide services to our clients especially conducting reconciliation negotiation with administrative authorities and procedures related to determination of expropriation value, following-up of pre-judicial processes and resolution of any dispute arising from zoning and expropriation legislation and relating action periods.

Department Manager

Kaan Kaplan


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