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Intellectual Property

Within the scope of intellectual property law, Neka Legal Attorneys at Law provides legal consultancy services for its clients for them to use and protect their intellectual and industrial rights in the most effective way.

Our services include patents, utility models, trademarks, geographical signs, copyrights, design, internet domain names, music, photographic works, literature, architectural and artistic works, cinematographic works, computer software and databases, television program formats and character commodification. In addition, the establishment of intellectual property rights in all areas of intellectual property rights, the use of TÜRKPATENT, WIPO and EPO, the realization and transfer of necessary rights, as well as their commercial use and resolution of violations and other disputes.

Neka Legal's Intellectual Property team has considerable experience in resolving disputes before proceeding to the litigation stage, on areas including trademarks, copyright and design rights, patents, technology contracts and licenses, use and protection of brands, trademark registration procedures, preparation and negotiation of various commercial contracts as well as directing litigation procedures.a

Department Manager

Neslihan Ortakcı Kaplan


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