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Banking and Finance

Our banking and finance team represents IFIs, export credit agencies, corporations, public institutions, banks, and bank consortiums in complex financial transactions.

Our team has extensive experience in all sorts of lending transactions including corporate lending, acquisition finance, as well as project finance. Our team also handles acquisitions of financial institutions, cross-border Islamic finance transactions such as murabaha agreements and sukuk offerings, and advises on international compliance issues such as FATCA, Dodd-Frank, and international sanctions regimes in addition to local compliance issues in which our experience not only helps our clients but also contribute to the improvement of the relevant legislation.

Our experience on all sides of financing transactions put is in a unique position to understand the priorities of all parties involved and allows us to bring up quick and efficient solutions in otherwise complex deals. Our firm engages its cross-disciplinary capacities in assisting its clients in every transaction with a financing element including real estate and privatization acquisitions, major infrastructure projects, and corporate borrowings.

Department Manager

Kaan Kaplan


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